I burned my hand trying to make coffee today, the colors are changing on my monitor just like the autumn leaves and I'm pretty sure I am going to freeze to death this winter, BUT TOMORROW IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY, I am booked on assignment until mid-January (email me if you need work done though—I have time to take on one more proj 😉 ) and the mosquitos have pretty much vacated NYC for the season sooo basically all is right with the world.

Pretty Mandalas to follow:

—via @trishiafrul.la

and here's the back story in case you care:

About 4 or 5 years ago (wow, thats a long time), I was volunteering at this very real, very magical place called inner-city arts. In the class I assisted in, the teaching artists, Mindy and Jo, had the students create mandalas as their warm-up/on-going project for the term—like an updated stream of consciousness free draw. I loved drawing in this way in high school so I thought I'd revisit it in the form of Monday Meditations, which I deemed "Mandala Mondays."

In the beginning I remember getting so angry bc I didnt think the mandalas were portraying my feelings the way I wanted them to (For ex: when I felt like shit, I wanted them to look like shit), but then I came to this really annoying realization that no matter what you're going through, its beautiful because its life (UGH). Anyway, flash fwd 4 years and I'm still going strong (+/- a few weeks)! Sometimes its Mondays, sometimes its diff days but I feel like this ritual really helps to keep me creating, understanding. and most importantly sane.