where will she go next? Its possible she’s also on PAUSE—having her own existential crisis.

On Jan 12 2020, after 2 years of holding her hand for way too long, I released Cold Girl's Guide to Love—Volume 1 of Cold Girl’s Chronicles featuring everything you need to know to find </3.

Who is Cold Girl?

WELL. Here’s the schpeal for now:

Cold Girl Cares is dedicated to all the awkwardly anxious, sometimes bitter, painstakingly honest/insecure/rude girl in most of us.

Created by Pilipinx-American interdisciplinary designer, Trishia Frulla, Cold Girl is the illustrated embodiment of observed & experienced contradictions—a visual experiment exploring how to (not) be a cold girl in a cold world.

Cold Girl sees multiplicities & serves up blunt truths. She feels all the feels until she. just. can't. even. Most (in)significantly, Cold Girl is a cold girl with a warm heart aiming to create a collection of thoughtful things that reflect an ever-evolving version of reality (&/or disillusion).

...Also hoping we can make you laugh a bit, but if not— ¯\_(ツ)_/¯